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Woman gets 15 years, 14 suspended

Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 12:49 pm

Drugs are a colossal menace to the people in this county, and last week, another part of this menace was dealt with when Amy Brown stood before Judge Burgess in Westmoreland County’s Circuit Court facing multiple charges of the sale of controlled substances. In the end, she plead guilty only to two.

Brown was arrested earlier this year after selling $75 of oxycodone in what turned out to be two controlled drug buys. Given that this was just six pills, it illustrates the point that current Commonwealth’s Attorney Julia Sichol made at an opioid crisis presentation last October, about how pill prices had gotten out of control.

Brown plead guilty to two of the drug sale charges, and will be serving 1 year of a 15-year sentence, as well as having to pay $82.50 in restitution to the Virginia State Police. Brown will also be on probation for the next several years.