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You can’t keep a Kinsale Country girl down!

Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Time goes by; seasons change.  As a small community, we are affected and involved in each other’s lives every day in many ways.  Most recently for me and many others, a loved one and hometown girl has been affected more than any of us will ever endure or even imagine. diane-on-lawnmower-1

I am speaking of “Diane King” Headley – Aunt DiDi, Nana – Daughter, Sister, Mom and Best Friend to many of us in our little slice of God’s Country.

Though her ability to do what she used to do has been challenged by an usual, almost unbelievable series of health issues, leaving her without feet or hands, it has NOT daunted Diane’s spirits or defeated her attitude.  Instead, she continues determined to make others feel special, despite her own loss.  Her love for her family and independent nature have motivated her to overcome… to do more than most, regardless of what the odds are.

I personally have grown closer to Diane, due to her amazing ability to help me with the loss of my father, who was also my best friend, this time last year.  It is always interesting how tragedy can bring people closer.  Diane’s attitude has inspired me to push forward to accept my loss.  She has spurred me to use my ability to help and motivate others who need what I can do to help, rather than feeling sad.

It’s so easy to look at our own lives and compare others.  When you see Diane smile and giggle with her ability to still open her home to others — making them feel welcome regardless of her own situation – this would make most in this community reach out and do what we can to help.  Diane is a true inspiration, knowing how active she was… to now being dependent on others for so many of the things the rest of us take for granted.

We have found that as cousins we are much alike.  More of a sister bond for both of us.  Our desires to help our parents when they were ill just came naturally – no matter what it took.  Our children and grandchildren know we aren’t perfect, but wherever we planted our roots it was home — not made of material things, but with love.