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Fishing in the Northern Neck

Posted on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 3:24 pm

Did you get out over the weekend or one evening and do any fishing? The Bassmaster open was on the James River this past weekend and I made the trip up there Friday to see how the locals and some big professional anglers made out. I got to talk to some amazing anglers and had a blast doing what I love to do, talk fishing. Especially nice to talk to Trait Zaldain and Michelle Jalaba, two women anglers doing what they love and trying to make it to the top in the fishing industry. Saturday morning I made a quick stop with my brother Bill and tried our luck at landing a nice bass. While I stuck to a soft plastic worm, Bill threw a topwater lure up in the lily pads and managed a nice bass, beating me 1-0 for the morning before I headed up to Bass Pro Shop for the Championship weigh-in. I had a great time talking with Mike Iaconelli, the winner of the event, and Becky, his wife. Sunday after church I slipped over to Wilna with Tim Gray and tried our luck landing some bass. Tim started us off with a small bass and then hooked into a beauty that was every bit of 7 pounds and just didn’t want to be landed. I found a small bass finally as we worked our way around the pond. Finally, down 5-1, I caught a beauty myself, evening up the score on biggest bass. I managed one more small one, but still lost out on first bass and most. We had an awesome time just laughing the afternoon away.

The hot summer days make fishing for bass a lot slower. Look for them to be holding in the grass edges where it is cooler, waiting to ambush prey. A soft plastic worm or creature bait flipped into the edges can be slow, but worth the wait. Laydowns along the shore are another prime spot, especially on the shady side. Soft plastics, jigs, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits worked on the outside edges are prime choices before flipping into the heart of the laydown. Deep cover, like trees on the bottom and grass patches are also great places to catch a big bass. Just be patient and make repeated cast.

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Bruce Callis with his catch of the day!