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Fishing in the Northern Neck

Posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 9:58 am

Did you get out this past weekend or one evening and do any fishing? I got out Tuesday afternoon for a quick stop and caught a couple small bass. Saturday morning I got up early and drove up to Stafford and Hope Springs Marina to help at the 9th Annual Reel American Heroes Foundation’s tournament for our wounded veterans. It is a day where they can get out for some fishing therapy and have fun just being normal. My job started early, before anyone arrived, as I made my way out to the entrance to make sure everyone knew where to go as they arrived. Standing there in the dark, listening to the quiet of the morning as the cars and trucks made their way down the hill may seem like a lonely job, but it is a honor to get to greet everyone as they arrive to fish and more. The day was warm, but the breeze that was blowing was refreshing. It’s impossible to put down just how important this day is and how much it affects everyone there in just a few words. There were 93 heroes and 81 volunteer boaters who got out on the water. If you would like to learn more or see some amazing pictures, go to the Reel American Heroes Foundation page on Facebook or to http://www.reelamericanheroes.org and check them out.

The bass in the local ponds are still in their summer patterns. This means that they love to go deeper where the water is usually cooler. The area around the dam is usually the deepest place. Carolina rigged worms fished across the bottom is a good way to entice a big bass. Deep diving crankbaits that make contact with the bottom are also great choices. Early morning and late evening are prime topwater times. A buzzbait, popper, or walking bait worked in the shallows especially around the grass line and lily pad edges, and around laydowns are fun ways to catch bass. A frog worked in the lily pads can produce some great action all day long. When the sun gets high, soft plastics worked in the laydowns can produce some big bass.

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Bruce Callis attended the 9th Annual Reel American Heroes Foundation’s tournament.