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Man sentenced for drunk driving fatality

Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at 2:11 pm

At long last, Aaron Anderson’s journey through the court system has come to a close after a grueling 2-day jury trial in the Westmoreland Circuit Court that started on the 23rd of May and ended on the night of Friday the 24th. Anderson was on trial for his third DUI in 10 years, endangerment of a child, DUI-manslaughter, and vehicular homicide.

The whole mess started back in April last year, when Trooper English of the Virginia State Police was running radar at the VDOT station on Cople Highway. Shortly after midnight, a Toyota Scion zoomed by at a little over 80 miles an hour, heading towards Route 3. This prompted English to start following. When the car passed a tractor trailer on a double-solid line, Trooper English fired up his lights and gave chase.

As the two cars neared the Nomini Bridge, however, English backed off, realizing that taking the upcoming turn at that speed was suicide. This proved prudent when the car he was following ran off the road and then rejoined the curb, causing the car to go spiraling through the air. While English was a fair distance away, he was able to make out two shapes being launched from the car during its trip through the air. The first person he located at the wreck site was Anderson, barely conscious in the road with injuries all over his head and torso and smelling strongly of alcohol. Anderson would later testify that he had no memory of the accident, having been blacked out.

English went to the wrecked car after hearing a noise, and discovered a then-6-month-old in a car seat in the back of the car, behind the passenger seat, completely unharmed. Realizing his car was a much safer place for the infant; English immediately put the infant’s car seat in the back of his patrol car, behind the driver’s seat.

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