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Montross Middle School poetry contest

Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 10:42 am

Congratulations Jessica Quade and Jason Hensarling for winning first place in the Montross Middle School poetry contest! For second and third place, as well as honorable mention, pick up the latest Westmoreland News 6/26/19


By Jessica Quade


The “lost boys” is what they’re called

Taken away so young, not to age anymore

Never to frown, flying high in the sky

He will come for you from far way

With a smile on his face and open hands

Peter Pan is the name

But has anyone ever thought about this?

A flying boy, a place where you never age

What if he is an angel?

What if Neverland is heaven?

Makes sense to me



“I am From”

By Jason Hensarling


I am from video games

From Xbox and Nintendo

I am from the outdoors

Trees, streams, peaceful

I am from youth day hunting and chicken raising

I am from fishing trips and cookouts

From responsibility and choice

I’m from my own belief

I’m from Westmoreland


Six students from Mr. Spears’ Montross Middle class were recognized for their work in the art of poetry.

Scott Duprey facilitated this contest and got donations from local businesses as prizes for the students.