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Town honors 50 years of service

Posted on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 10:15 am

A Westmoreland staple celebrates half a century of community support

This year marked the Dairy Freeze’s 50th anniversary with Stanley Schoppe at the helm, having been the owner of the place since November 1, 1969. At the same time, during the November town council meeting, a plan was hatched by those present to present Stan with a mark of appreciation for the incalculable good he had done for the community in those 50 years.
With the plan for the resolution passing unanimously, everyone agreed to keep quiet to preserve the surprise for Stan, knowing that he would show up at the December town meeting like clockwork right after the meeting had been adjourned and the food brought in about to be devoured. It was in the midst of this annual potluck that Vice Mayor Terry Cosgrove concealed the resolution until the time was right, not three feet from Stan’s nose most of the time!
Only then, at long last, did Mayor King and the rest of the town council spring their surprise.
Vice Mayor Terry Cosgrove read the resolution while Mayor King presented a framed and signed version to Stan, which paraphrased, stated, “Whereas Stanley Schoppe, owner of Montross Dairy Freeze, proudly celebrates his 50th anniversary of being in Montross, and has provided friendly and outstanding service and hospitality to generations of regulars, travelers, and families. Stanley Schoppe is a mentor to young people and has employed hundreds of local students at the Montross Dairy Freeze since 1969, as well as at the Stan’s Skateland since 1981.
“He is devoted to his community and has volunteered for countless years, helping the town of Montross display Christmas lights, put up banners, and numerous other projects that the town needed help with. The Montross Dairy Freeze, renowned for its soft-serve ice cream and delicious fried chicken, remains an icon and establishment for patrons to gather and share their thoughts, ideas, and life experiences. Therefore, be it resolved that the Town of Montross hereby recognizes and congratulates Stanley and the Montross Dairy Freeze on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. Congratulations.”
With the resolution presented, everyone at the town hall immediately got back to the business of enjoying the food that everyone had brought. A restaurant that has served generation after generation of customer, Stan’s Dairy Freeze is one of those little slices of small town Americana that has grown increasingly rare in this day and age, and as such, remains a true jewel of an establishment for those who reside on or pass through the Northern Neck.