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Washington District Elementary welcomes new Assistant Principal

Posted on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 10:17 am

When the doors swing open September 3, 2019 at Washington District Elementary School, excited students will meet an equally excited new administrator.  Mr. Forrest Clift was recently selected to be the assistant principal at WDES. He brings 17 plus years of educational expertise to the school and is eagerly awaiting the beginning of school. “My hope for this year is to become a valuable team member to the principal, Ms. Herdle, and the WDES faculty and staff, while watching our students work hard academically.  I’m excited to see how Project Based Learning is becoming part of the educational fabric of Westmoreland County Public Schools.”

“With technology being so prevalent in the lives of children, I think there is tremendous value in getting kids talking about and working in the community to identify problems and search for solutions.”

“I think my biggest focus for this year is to integrate myself into the WDES community and make connections with faculty, staff, students, families, and the community. I want to understand the climate of our schools and community and do my part to make it successful and thriving.”

Mr. Clift is not a stranger to the Northern Neck. He grew up in Stafford County on the edge of King George County. As a child, Forrest and his family would vacation at Westmoreland State Park, swimming and looking for shark’s teeth. His father, a bona fide history buff, loved to visit Stratford Hall and relish the historical sites of the area. His mother “always canned vegetables and made jelly from the strawberries from Westmoreland Berry Farm.”

He never planned on being an educator. Even though he loves reading and writing, Forrest really wanted to be a Broadway actor when he graduated from high school. Needless to say, that never happened. However, his strong love for live theatre and the movies has stayed with him and Forrest makes frequent journeys to New York to enjoy the shows. He also loves antiquing and scouting thrift shops, which fortunately there are a plethora of in the Northern Neck. Forrest is an avid fan of hockey and roots for the Washington Capitals and Chicago Blackhawks.  And he slyly noted, “Who doesn’t like the Dallas Cowboys?”

Forrest’s career path veered into business management and technical writing before he “took the plunge” into education. “My family has always been encouraging about me following my interests and my passions. When I left a high paying job with GEICO to teach 5th grade, nobody questioned my reasons. They saw my excitement and eagerness to make a difference in people, which was my reason for leaving the corporate world and go into public education.”

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Forrest Clift is the new Assistant Principal for Washington District Elementary School.